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Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Penny Oven

2131 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock CA 90041


Michelle Wilton discovered her talent in the kitchen as a child when she baked her first perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies and vowed to become a life-long cook. A graduate from San Francisco’s prestigious California Culinary Academy (CCA), Wilton developed and refined her cooking skills with a myriad of high-profile kitchen jobs, but it was her discovery of and appreciation for local and seasonal produce that ultimately informed her true culinary style, a passion she has carried and maintained throughout her culinary career.


“Penny Oven is building its own identity with breakfast, coffee and lunches. Keeping that home style feeling that sets Wilton’s family of restaurants apart, nearly everything on the menu is made in-house, from all of the breads to the almond milk used in the coffee, it is all created right there. ”

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